Monday, October 1, 2007

What!!?? I Have A Blog!!??

Who'da thought it? I have a blog! You may think that it is a rather strange time for me to make a comment usually reserved for the beginning of things but its not. You see after a good month of not posting on this blog i'd kinda forgot about it, so that when i came back i was quite surprised to see it still here, intact and, heaven forbid, with comments from....err.....a month ago, when.....errr....Sam did some cross promotion, directing all the people who read his blog to read mine. So, i view of this i have a new and exciting challenge for those (or rather "that") reader(s) of mine. Yes, thats right, steve's blog is going interactive with a challenge......(insert tacky drum roll).....
I challenge....the any reader of my blog who has never read Sams Blog to leave a comment there (and then here so i can feel special, like i have my own reader)

wait what am i thinking? as if anyone would actually read my blog unless they'd been sent here. On that slightly depressing note (well it would be if my happiness solely depended upon my how many people read my blog) i take my leave of this post and hope to one day return with something useful to say, until then just remember a arm on your body is better that 2 in the bush (although i'm not so sure about 3 in the bush, you can do some pretty amazing things with 3 arms and a bush)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So, It's been a while since i last posted....ok a long while...ok, so i'd acutally given up on the blog idea, but thats not the point....I'm here am I not? (hmm interesting concept that, parhaps I am not here, perhaps i am over there, or just around the corner, or on the corner, or in the corner....or...forget that, I'm not letting this corner rule my life, I'll show it, by coming over here and writing this)

So there I was, writing this rather pointless blog discovering that one can only extrapolate on the bizarre thoughts that pass through my mind of so long, before you enter an endless loop where you end up writing about what you are writing about, which just so happens to be the the thing that you just wrote about, which is also the same as the thing that you are just about to write about, which could be ok except that what you are writing about is writing about writing (i don't care what you thought about that last sentence, it all made sense in my mind at the time)

Oh my would you look at the time it's nearly (insert current local time here), i'd better get going and do (insert activity that would be considered appropriate for the time of day entered above).

Oh, and remember Steve's Tip of the Day:
"If you're feeling down, stand on your head so that your frown looks like a smile to everyone else, sure this doesn't make you feel any better (unless you happen to like the felling of blood rushing to your head), this also has the added effect of significantly increasing the chance that you'll slip a break your neck, thus ending all the trouble"

Monday, June 25, 2007

Ahh, here i am again. Hmm, wonder if anyone has read any of my blog yet? No matter. I shall keep writing for my own amusement.

I've just made executive the decision to post a photo that I've taken in the past 24hrs, everyday. Actually maybe not every day, but at least every time I post. See how I go.

Now you may be wondering what the title of this blog is about. Well, it is a long and arguous tale that goes all the way back to when I was a lad not much older than you. It was around this time that Hitler was coming to power, and just before Emperor Nero burnt down Rome. Now if you know these times, then you'll understand that school was quite important. So there i was dilligently working away at an English essay when i suddenly found myself stuck for a word to describe words of exraordinary length. Not wanting to waste my time consulting the dictionary or a thesaurus (or whatever you consult in these times of wordly need) i just made up a word 'Sesquitextual'--meaning a word and a half. Since then many such words have been constructed such as redundifies, perpendicularises, spontain, ferverity, but none to rival 'Sesquitextual'. And so it was that 'Sesquitextual' came to respesent all of these (for want of a better word) nonsense words. So in summary, the title 'The Quest for the Sesquitextual' is really the quest for interesting, almost meaningful nonsense. In summary of the summary, this site is simply here to be a place for me to bloggerise (definition: plublish on blog) my random thoughts, i an attempt to amuse you and myself.

Now, since i just resolved to post a picture everyday, I'd better go take one...........

If you're interested, this is a picture of keys on a piano, just before they go inside the piano body. I thought I'd post this one simply because you often see pictures of the other ends of the keys of a piano, so i thought I'd do something different.

And before I leave: Steve's Tip of The Day:
'Never go to Iceland at the summer solstice--it temorarily ceases to exist'
Lets start at the beginning.

Why did I create this blog?

Well, I was stuck for somehting to do one evening when I suddenly thought: "why not start a blog, I mean the worst that can happen is that it'll be terrible, no one will read it, and in a vain attempt to change this, I'll get addicted to Blogger, and die an early death from typo-disflunktoyd-sesquitextual-itis (a terrible disease that causes the sufferer to type extremly long, made up words, until they die)". So with that in mind I went and did something else. This lasted for around 7 and a half minutes when I suddenly thought "Why not start a blog, I mean the worst that can happen is that it'll be fantastic, everyone will read it, and i'll die and early death from repetio-trideathillium syndrome (a terrible disease where the sufferer is forced to write exceedingly similar sentences over and over again...until they die)".

And so it was with the full knowledge of my looming early death from hithterto unsuspected diseases that I created this blog. It's purpose being to explore the craziness of my mind, so that i may look back in future years and reminisc about what an idiot i was (and my poor spelling).

Since this is my first post, I think a self portrait is in order. This particular one is a favourite because I have managed to obscure most of my face in the name or art.

But before I go, I shall leave you with Steve's Tip of The Day:
'Don't fly helicopters in clogs'